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Comparative Study of Septoplasty Alone and with FESS in Maxillary Sinusitis with Septal Deviation

SPS Yadav, Anuj Kumar Goel, Rati Goel, Rupender Ranga, JS Gulia

Keywords : Sinusitis,Septal deviation

Citation Information : Yadav S, Goel AK, Goel R, Ranga R, Gulia J. Comparative Study of Septoplasty Alone and with FESS in Maxillary Sinusitis with Septal Deviation. Clin Rhinol An Int J 2012; 5 (1):19-24.

DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10013-1110

Published Online: 01-04-2012

Copyright Statement:  Copyright © 2012; The Author(s).



The study was conducted to asses if septoplasty is adequate for the management of chronic maxillary sinusitis. Chronic maxillary sinusitis is not uncommonly associated with deviated nasal septum (DNS). The randomized study was conducted on 40 cases of medically unmanageable and HRCT proven chronic maxillary sinusitis with DNS.

Materials and methods

The study was conducted in 40 cases of HRCT (PNS) proven chronic maxillary sinusitis which were not cured with medical treatment. The patients were divided randomly in two groups. Group A underwent septoplasty and group B septoplasty along with FESS in the form of uncinectomy and middle meatus antrostomy. Patients having other anatomical factors for example concha were excluded.


Both procedures produced significant improvement in symptomatology and on HRCT (PNS) findings as compared to preoperative status (p-value less than 0.001). Septoplasty was found to be effective in chronic maxillary sinusitis, however, when polyps were present in maxillary sinus, then septoplasty with FESS was found to be better.


In cases of chronic maxillary sinusitis with DNS, septoplasty is adequate, however if the maxillary sinus shows polyps on HRCT (PNS) scan then septoplasty should be combined with FESS.

How to cite this article

Goel AK, Yadav SPS, Ranga R, Gulia JS, Goel R. Comparative Study of Septoplasty Alone and with FESS in Maxillary Sinusitis with Septal Deviation. Clin Rhinol Int J 2012;5(1):19-24.

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