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Effects of Aging on Nasal Mucociliary Clearance

Jyoti Yadav, Jagat Singh, Rupender K Ranga

Keywords : Mucociliary clearance, Kartagener's syndrome, Andersen's saccharin method

Citation Information : Yadav J, Singh J, Ranga RK. Effects of Aging on Nasal Mucociliary Clearance. Clin Rhinol An Int J 2011; 4 (1):1-3.

DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10013-1061

Published Online: 01-04-2011

Copyright Statement:  Copyright © 2011; The Author(s).


Nasal mucociliary clearance is a primary physiological defense mechanism of upper as well as lower respiratory tract, and thus maintains the state of health of the respiratory tract. Any disturbance in number or movement of cilia and change in character or amount of mucus production leads to an altered nasal mucociliary clearance. The present study was undertaken to study the effect of aging on nasal mucociliary clearance.

Nasal mucociliary clearance time was assessed in 240 normal subjects, 120 males and 120 females, which were divided in six groups, each comprising of one decade starting from 11 to 20 years. The mean nasal mucociliary clearance time ranged 7.34 to 14.48 minutes in males and 7.36 to 15.38 minutes in females in different groups (A-F). There was no statistical difference between males and females in each group (p > 0.05). The nasal mucociliary clearance time was not found to be increased till 5th decade (p = 0.05). However, the nasal mucociliary clearance time was found to be increased in 6th and 7th decades (group E&F) significantly (p 0.001), which was more marked in group F. This may explain the increased susceptibility of elderly to sinusitis chronic bronchitis, deep lung infections and increased incidence of pneumonia.

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